Cheap Car Insurance in Yuma, AZ

Yuma city is the seat of the County of Yuma in the State of Arizona. According to the national census that was carried out in 2010, the population of the city was reported to be 93,064, which was an increase from 77,515 in 2000 census.

Yuma city is a principal city in Yuma, Metropolitan Statistical Area. In addition, the Census Bureau of United States estimated the population of this MSA to be 203,247 in 2014. The winter residence of Yuma has more than 85 thousand retirees. Yuma city is located in the southwest corner of the state, in Sonoran Desert, sub region of Yuma Desert.

Having the proper car insurance ensures that you have independence when driving in Yuma. From theft and hit & runs to injuries and accidents, it is important to ensure that you vehicle is insured so that you are prepared if accident occur.

Yuma Car Insurance Information

Of all the 48 cities in the State of Arizona that have the most expensive rates of auto insurance, Yuma was ranked at the 35th position. This indicates that vehicle owners of Yuma, Arizona pay $129 less for auto insurance premiums than the average auto insurance of Arizona State and $277 above national average.

The annual average rates of auto insurance in Yuma, Arizona is approximately $1,177/ year in comparison to the nationwide average of $900. This makes it necessary to shop for few quotes of auto insurance before purchasing your car insurance policy. This is specifically why we are perfect for you. We’ve helped many auto insurance buyers in Yuma make significant savings in their auto insurance premium cost.

The table below clearly shows the average auto insurance cost of Yuma, Arizona State and the national average.


In order to determine the company with the cheapest auto insurance rates, we compared the rates of various auto insurance firms that are based in Yuma. It’s worth noting that the rates of car insurance tend to vary depending on the age or sex of the driver. However, the biggest factor that affects costs is the variability in the quotes of the companies.

For instance, in Yuma, the firm with the highest auto insurance quote for 30 year drivers was Allstate with an annual rate of $1227 while the firm with the cheapest auto insurance quote for the same drivers was Auto-owners with a rate of $1114. Therefore, we encourage our customers to obtain auto insurance quotes from a minimum of 3 car insurance firms so that they can make a comparison on the rates and select the firm with the most affordable rate.

To make things even easier for you, we’ve made a list of the top 5 cheapest auto insurance firms in Yuma according to their rates for 30 year old drivers in the city together with their annual auto insurance rates in the table below.

Rank Car Insurance Company Annual Insurance Rate
1 Allstate 1227
2 Freedom National 1204
3 Farmers 1170
4 Ameriprise 1127
5 Auto-owners 1114

Yuma Car Insurance Rate by Zip Code

Data recorded in the above table displays how rates of auto insurance in Yuma tend to vary by the zip codes. We’re trying to give an explanation of how auto insurance rates tend to change from one zip code to another.

For instance, in Yuma, the average rate of auto insurance for 30 year old male drivers is $1,114 at 85369 zip code, whereas the average rate of auto insurance for similar drivers increase to $1,227 at 85364 zip code. We can clearly note that this results to a price increase of about $113/ year as zip codes in Yuma change. Therefore, it’s essential that you select the correct zip code when searching for auto insurance so that you get the most affordable rate of auto insurance in Yuma.

Luckily, this is exactly what Network auto insurance does for you. We can assist you select the appropriate zip code when insuring your car to ensure that you get the cheap car insurance in Yuma.

Yuma Zip Codes Gender Age Average Rate($)
85364 Male 30 1227
85365 Male 30 1204
85366 Male 30 1170
85367 Male 30 1127
85369 Male 30 1114


Car Insurance Company 30 year old drivers 45 year old drivers
Allstate 1227 $822
Freedom National 1204 $800
Farmers 1170 $776
Ameriprise 1127 $732
Auto-Owners 1114 $709

The table below contains data that displays various rates of auto insurance for 30 year old and 45 year old drivers in Yuma. We’re attempting to give an explanation of how the rates of auto insurance is affected by the driver’s age.

For instance, in Yuma, the highest auto insurance rate for 30 year old drivers is $1,227 whereas the highest rate of insurance for 45 year old drivers decreases to reach $822. Similarly, the lowest auto insurance rate for 30year drivers is $1114 while the lowest rate for 45 year old drivers decreases to reach $709.

We can clearly see a huge decrease in price ($400/ year) while the age range of the driver moves from 30 years to 45 years. This clearly demonstrates that age tends to affect auto insurance rates in the city of Yuma, Arizona. You can therefore obtain the cheapest auto insurance rate as your age increases in this city.

We’ll help you select the right family member to get your car insurance to ensure that you get the cheapest auto insurance rate in Yuma, Arizona.


Insurance type Yuma minimum requirement
Comprehensive /Collision deductible Unavailable
Property Damage $15,000 per accident
Bodily injury liability $30,000 per accident

Yuma city requires car insurance with the minimum protection from bodily injury of $15,000 for every person or $30,000 for every accident as well as $10,000 for the property damage for every accident. Therefore, we recommend that you obtain the best probable auto insurance coverage through the cheapest price possible.

Luckily, this is specifically what Network insurance does for you. Contact us and we’ll find you a cheap car insurance company based on your exact Zip code.

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What You Need to Know About Yuma

Yuma city is located in the southwest of Arizona State. Overlooking River Colorado, the Historic Park of Yuma Territory Prison State is the home of preserved cells as well as Wild West-era prison’s guard tower.
  • Population 97,908 (2018)
  • Land Area 313.65 km2
  • Per Capital Income USD 18,393
  • Population Density 809 people per square mile
  • Longitude 114° 36’ W
  • Latitude 32° 41’ N
  • Area code 928